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What's happening?

Since the public consulatation of the draft Desborough Neighbourhood Plan, held from 8th February - 21st March 2016, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have been collating and analysing the feedback.

A wide range of views was expressed by local residents and businesses on how Desborough could be improved. Concerns were raised over housing and the ability of the infrastructure to cope with growth, preservation of green space and conservation areas, the need for increased leisure provision, improved road safety and parking. Another popular topic was the wish to have better and more diverse retail available in the town centre, along with job provision to help the local economy.


The Steering Group is now working hard to tailor the many policies that shape the Neighbourhood Plan, guided by the data obtained from the consulation.

August/September 2016 -


Lathams engaged to analyse and rewrite Neighbourhood Plan policies in line with consultation feedback and information provided by the Steering Group.


December 2016/January 2017 -


We have applied for a 'Work in Kind' grant from Locality for further site assessments for which we are still awaiting a response. This is work that, if we were to outsource, would cost in the region of £8000. The Chair of the Steering Group, along with several other members, have had meetings with Northants County Council covering education, the Wildlife Trust covering the green environment, a prominent member of the community regarding aspects of the town centre. Forthcoming meetings will be held to, amongst other things, map the route of the proposed green perimeter walk.

















If you’d like to get involved with the Desborough Town Plan, please email us at  You can also contact us in writing (marking your letters ‘fao Neighbourhood Plan’) at Desborough Town Council, 47, Station Road, Desborough, Northamptonshire, NN14 2RS.

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