Desborough Neighbourhood Plan Document Store

As the Neighbourhood Plan develops documents will be produced which may be of interest to people, and if so, this is where they will be found.  These may change over time, so please check for updates.

Terms of Reference - this document was ratified by Desborough Town Council in March 2014.

Desborough Neighbourhood Plan Area as designated by Kettering Borough Council in October 2013.

Draft Vision and Objectives - this was produced in August 2014 as a starting point for the plan.

Project Plan - initially produced in September 2014.  It is not a project plan with dependencies, predecessors, milestones, roles, task durations (days) etc, but a simple view of when tasks need to be started and completed and it is subject to change as the plan develops to reflect the outcome of continuing public consultation and discussion groups.

Brief for Planning Consultant - October 2014.

Planning Consultant's Report - February 2015 (please note this document is A3 size)

March Session Write-up - March 2015.  This document is a collation of all of the discussions which took place on 7th. March 2015 at Marlow House when around 45 residents gave up their time to look at all of the issues which had been raised in the earlier consultation exercises.



*Update* August 2015


Aecom Public Realm Vision And Strategy For Station Road, Desborough

Report of the workshop held on the 30th August between urban designers Aecom, and members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. The main topic of discussion was Station Road and what potential improvemnets could be made to the area.

*Update* Desborough South/Ise Valley Proposal - October 2015 Details of proposal

Response to Desborough South/Ise Valley proposal from the Desborough Neighbourhood

Plan Steering Group to Brooke Smith Planning and Development Consultants


*Update* November 2015

Following further feedback and discussion, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has made a decision that the Neighbourhood Plan will strongly oppose any development in the Ise Valley.

This statement has been appended to our original response letter and forwarded to Brooke-Smith Consultants.



*Update* January 2016


New Neighbourhood Plan Project Timeline


*Update* February 2016


Desborough Neighbourhood Plan 2016 - Pre Submission Draft


February - March 2016: Public Consultation Feedback


Comments received based on their respective catagories:




This Pie Chart highlights the percentage distribution of the most popular catagories




*Update* October 2017


New Draft of the Desborough Neighbourhood Plan


Character Appraisal Report


Summer 2017 Consultation Report


Sustainablility Appraisal Report








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