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New Draft Neighbourhood Plan Document - October 2017




The Neighbourhood Plan was revised in response to new evidence that emerged from a strong consultation that took place in the summer of 2017. During the consultation, policies were developed further through dedicated workshops and more detail was achieved thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of local people.

Also, some policy clauses were strongly challenged during the events and the stakeholder consultation, and these have now been revised accordingly. A Consultation Report explains the process of data analysis, how data supported policy decisions made, and how policies were revised in accordance to the comments received.

People in Desborough understand that housing must be accommodated and that growth is imminent. Through this NP, local people have made an effort to consider all practical options to accommodate the required housing in Desborough.

Having reviewed how positive growth could be achieved with minimum negative impact on Desborough; after exhausting all possibilities, residents and the NP Steering Group have managed to find appropriate locations to accommodate the housing requirements up to 2031 whilst also ensuring future generations will have the opportunity enjoy healthy, fulfilled life styles in Desborough.

Please not that this NP is currently undergoing a process of Quality Assurance and professional editing, prior to being submitted for review and a further six-week consultation. 



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Supplementary Documents (PDF format):




Character Appraisal Report


Sustainability Appraisal Report


Summer 2017 Consultation Report